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With this Scooter VESPA GTS 125, the myth is back! Vespa in its most original form: Vespa GTS

Ride in the Vespa style. Vespa GTS is the symbol of the era of the “Dolce Vita”. With its unique, unmistakable, elegantly minimalist style, the Vespa has become a legend of on-road adventure. Robustness, reliability and user-friendliness are key characteristics of Vespa.

Cannes scooter rentals from: 60 €/day

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Technical characteristics
Renting conditions
  • GTS scooter handles surprisingly well for a scooter. The added weight over classic Vespas means the suspension deals with bumps instead of clattering over them, giving plenty of confidence. The wide seat of the GTS is very comfy and is well suited to spending all day in the saddle. The four-valve 124cc engine does the job around town, but struggles at higher speeds. Acceleration up to 40mph is brisk, with a noticeable drop afterwards. Perfectly fine if you only ride in town. Underseat storage, bag hook, foldaway pillion pegs, centre stand and sidestand are all included no the GTS, as you'd expect. The underseat storage is big enough for a helmet or a large-size rucksack. There's a grab rail for the pillion, but don't expect to get anywahere fast with the added weight.

    • Engine size 124cc
    • Engine type Single-cylinder 4 stroke, 4 valve Piaggio unit with electronic injection and catalytic converter
    • Frame type Pressed steel
    • Scooter Fuel capacity 9.2 litres
    • Scooter Seat height 790mm
    • Scooter weight 148kg
  • Rental Conditions
    *Pilote: Minimum 20 years old.
    *Scooter driving licence: Scooter driving licence (A) should be obtained for more than two years and should be valid.
    *Delivery location: Any utility invoice, or bill will be asked for in order to confirm the place where motorbike will be delivered and picked-up at the end of renting period.
    *Damage deposit pre-authorization: 1000 €

  • Rental motorbike delivery to your doorstep : To make it easier and more convenient for you, Azur-Motorent may deliver your motorbike directly at home or at your hotel in Cannes, Valbonne, Sophia-Antipolis, Juan les Pins, Antibes ...

    Fuel refills : Hirers are responsible for replacing all fuel used. The tank should be filled before returning your motorbike, or you will be charged for this service.

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