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CONTEMPORARY AUTHENTICITY. Ideal for A2 license pilots, with its everseen ease of handle. New to Triumph rentals, the Speed ​​400, the latest addition to the Speed ​​range: iconic Triumph style, charismatic performance and benchmark quality. 
The Speed ​​400 features the Modern Classics roadster design.
Coming from an incomparable lineage, the Speed ​​400 features Triumph's unique Modern Classics roadster design.
Beautiful, responsive, agile and premium.
The Speed ​​400 offers Triumph's unmistakable clean custom look, agility, responsive performance and exceptional build quality.
A future legend, an icon in the making. Designed and tuned for a whole new generation of Triumph riders.

The new Triumph Speed 400

See all the effects that the Englishwoman presents to please: mirrors at the end of the handlebars, a tank with worked shapes, beautiful little plates to hold the headlight, an inverted and anodized fork, milled fins on the cylinder block, a radiator installed vertically to preserve the finesse of the whole, enhancing two-tone colors, the triangular shape of the right casing, some nicely designed covers, a rear light in a fruity curve! The presentations are full of courtesy. As usual, the finish should be of a very good standard.
The Speed ​​400 (and its cousin Scrambler X) introduces an all-new engine. This 398 cc single-cylinder is called TR, in homage to the TR5, TR6 and TR7 Tiger models of the Trophy line.
Engine with supersquare dimensions of 89 mm by 64 mm. As its appearance suggests, it is of a modern design. Its innards contain a double overhead camshaft, 4 valves with DLC coating and controlled by levers, injection, liquid cooling, an anti-dribble assisted clutch and a 6-speed gearbox.

The engine manufacturers make it output 40 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and a nice torque of 3.9 mkg, at 6,500 rpm.

The Triumph Speed 400 is A2 License compatible

The Speed ​​400 is thus natively A2 compatible, and should take its crew at a good pace without being muscular.
Before sitting on a relatively low saddle with its 790 mm, the rider will have taken care to discover a rather stilted frame for the category. The 43mm inverted fork is a big-piston Showa; the rear buckle of the motorcycle is bolted; the swingarm is made of aluminum; the brake hoses are aviation type; the front brake caliper is radial type with 4 pistons; the tires are not local but much more qualitative with Metzeler Sportec
This is all flattering.
As you might expect, given the level of the range, the suspensions are not adjustable – except the preload for the rear shock absorber.
The 17-inch wheels have one brake disc each, 300 mm at the front and 230 mm at the rear.
With its 170 kilos, the 400 Speed ​​is in the high average of the category but it remains very reasonable.
A little aluminum, a little more steel, and a dose of silicon.
Triumph could not abandon its little princess on the electronic side. All its lighting is LED, the headlight has a daytime signature. Its accelerator is Ride-by-Wire, a USB-C port is included, ABS is present as well as deactivable traction control.
The instrumentation is small but complete, with a small display for the engine speed, a digital spoon for on-board information, and most of the reading using a needle to assess the speed.
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