Rent R 1300 GS BMW

The innovative modular frame system is ready to make your wishes come true. Rent R 1300 GS and call it the perfect on-road/off-road trail bike.Triple Black is a perfect harmony between an innovative formal language and refined finished surfaces. The assertive presence of black demonstrates a serene strength and further highlights the shapes of the GS. An impressive all-rounder for GS lovers.

Rent the ROAD/OFF-ROAD R 1300 GS motorcycle

Forever the reference!


No question of making compromises. Everything is tailor-made for you. How do you want to set yourself up to conquer new peaks?

Higher, lower?

Alone ?

Together ? With the bare minimum and lightness or with your luggage?

Completely comfortable for long journeys or with a sporty off-road style?

The world is your oyster. You can do whatever you want. Going on distant trips or small excursions, extending the season or taking shortcuts.Everything is possible.

Alone or in pairs? It doesn’t matter, because in both cases you enjoy maximum comfort.All assistance systems are at your service to make you fully enjoy your experience.

If you wish, the ACC and DCC systems regulate speed and distance, seven driving modes guarantee you peace of mind and driving pleasure.Whatever your destination, the boxer engine won’t let you down. Its 145 hp allows you to stay relaxed in any situation, except when you want to give yourself a little adrenaline rush along the way. You will then be delighted by the powerful surge in torque. ShiftCam technology ensures flexibility and regularity of operation.

You maintain your peace of mind even on uneven terrain, thanks in part to the 1,300 cm³ engine capacity.It’s hard to want more:Everything is there to offer you maximum comfort during your travels and make your motorcycle both dynamic and safe. From heated saddle to handguard extension, from Headlight Pro to sports brake. Variable volume luggage system.

Rental price per day1 or 2 days3 to 5 days6 days and +
TRIPLE BLACK R 1300 GS BMW190 €160 €140 €
Renting price table for. TRIPLE BLACK R 1300 GS BMW
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